Order several modules and get a better total price

In these types of services, we use something that we call for credits and you can use a certain amount each month (30 days). After one month has elapsed, the number of credits in your account will be restored. A credit corresponds to an item (= a row of information in your price file) in your price file and for each item inserted through our service, it will count down the corresponding amount of credits from your account. For some services you can buy additional credits if needed, for example. During a campaign period. You can also choose to go up to a larger package during an ongoing prenumeration period, but you can not go down without waiting until it has expired and changed when it's time for a new period.

Note that we are always writing articles in the text which is not the same as a product. If we take an example, you can have a product called Shoe A on your website, this is available in different sizes and colors that the customer can choose from. In your price file, we assume that there is an article for every possible combination of color and size that together will be interpreted as a product of your customers.

  • Easy Import

    basic price from 30 € /mon
  • Up to [max_users] users connected to the subscription
  • From : 25 000 credits
  • Free support