Easy Shop

A collection of products whose purpose is to facilitate the daily administration of the web shop.

All products are excellent to order alone if you do not need all the modules.

  1. Easy Import

    Easy Import is a module that allows, that you from a single price file updates prices, products and product texts etc. in your webshop. Probably the module that allows you to save the most time in your life if you make changes frequently.
  2. Easy Admin

    Easy Admin is a small program that you install on your computer. It will download and upload information from your POS system or accounting software / ERP periodically. This means that you will have a fairly current stock of your web page, as you will be spared some work with the records.
  3. Easy Logistics

    Easy Logistics ensures that transmit information about where the order will be delivered to your logistics partner website. There you can then print the shipping document. Unfortunately we can not pack the orders to you, but this is our contribution to reduce your time-consuming tasks.