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The service for those who want to spend the shortest possible time to update the products in your online shop.

For us to be able to provide the right information to the client application, you need to specify which program you are using:\nTranslate instead from the order for us to be able to provide the right information to

Prepare web shop

For us to be able to update the information in your online shop, you need to upload a file to your web server. It can not be downloaded here. Unzip the file to a folder on your computer. Then connect via FTP to your web host and navigate to the folder where the web shop is installed. Suggested place the folder 'easy_shop' in the root directory of your web shop, then we will work towards this catalog in the background. This folder will also contain the images that you upload to speed up the process for you. Otherwise, we assume that you already have a working web shop with different categories and manufacturers listed.

  1. Prepare information

    Refresh your price files with the information that you want to insert / update your website with, and as your online store supports. All fields need not be filled, but some are mandatory. For convenience, any price files follow the same structure, ie columns contain the same type of information, whether sheets or price file. If you do not, you get to change the settings each time you upload a new file.
  2. Upload files

    Log on to our website. Then go to the Easy Import. On the home page you will find a field where you can upload files. You can use the lower left. Otherwise, do not hesitate to drag and drop files into the gray area. Then press the 'Upload' to upload the files. When the work is done in the background, it should be a box that the transfer is complete. It does not matter if you press before importing. The next step takes a little longer before the text appears. Then press the 'import' to proceed. If it is the first time you import files, or if you made changes in the structure of price files, you get to change the settings. Then press the 'refresh' button to save the settings. Then scroll down the page and check that everything seems to match the categories and images. If not, make the necessary adjustments. When everything is ready, press the 'Insert'. Since the products will be inserted into your web shop. Restart the process if you have more files you want to update your web shop with.
    Do you have many files to upload? There seems to be a limit to how many files can be added via the browser. Try to upload few files via our website to create the directories required on your hosting. Then connect to the web site and upload the files in the directory 'uploaded'. NOTE! not to the subdirectory 'image' then we automatically adjust the file names. Continue from the home with us, to bring the information to our website.
  3. Done!

    The first time you use the service requires some settings. But then it is only to upload files. A few clicks later, you can view the results of the previously taken hours. It is now done in minutes!
  4. Other

    For your attention! We do not store any files with us. They are stored directly on your server and the information is inserted directly on the same server. We collect only the information about which images are uploaded and download a copy of your price files to transform the data into the format that web hoppens database can receive. Inquiries made in the database to retrieve the data required to insert it correctly. The connection is made with the same data as the web shop uses.