Why Binary Solutions

Yes, probably you, like us, tired of the job of updating prices and products in the web shop. We thought a little and came to the conclusion that it must be simplified, or partially automated. After a period of development, we have developed the code that did the work for us. This was very successful and we realized that many others can benefit greatly from the same service. Therefore, we have developed this website to provide our services at a reasonable cost.

Our skills

We can offer many kinds of skills. Within the Web in general and web shops in particular. But we also offer development of database-driven web pages, which also scales well to different types of devices (responsive design). We also offer programming in C / C ++ for those who need customer-specific applications.

The staff at Binary Solutions

A selection of those employed at Binary Solutions

Anders Wallin

Founder and CEO

CEO and co-founder of the company. He has largely developed the basics for the products.

Patrik Lantz

Initiator and co-founder

Initiator of the company and who came up with the idea for the foundation of the company.

Magnus Wedin

Tester and ideas man

\"Wedin\" is sometimes loved for his knowledge and ideas, but sometimes hated when he finds too many errors in the services :)


Everything possible

We are looking for people with diverse skills and backgrounds who might consider freelancing for us. Contact us and introduce yourself.